Cooked at home

Our offer is reserved for the inhabitants and guests of Verbier and Bagnes !

Here are our suggestions of dishes issued from the Chinese family cuisine that we can make for you.

These dishes can be ordered on our website. You will then have to agree on the date to prepare your meal at home. The package includes only the preparation of the meal, not the dishes or the service

Please place your order 1 day in advance, confirm your package bellow:

The cost of your meal is fixed as follows:

Ingredients at your expense

From 1 to 5 dishes (plates) for the family:  Preparation CHF 100.- + CHF 10.- for seasonings   

From 6 to 8 dishes (plates) for the family:  Preparation CHF 150.- + CHF 15.- for seasonings   

From 9 to 10 dishes (plates) for the family:  Preparation CHF 200.- + CHF 25.- for seasonings   

Anna can also teach you how to cook yourself some of these dishes !

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